This website was developed entirely from scratch, solely by myself, using a python backend and a flask web framework. Though I was originally spurred to learn python by the release of ChatGPT4.0, I've found in this new skill an endless degree of utility in my career and personal life. This website is just one of those nodes on that journey. Below, you can find an exploration of my interests and ethos. Thanks for visiting.

▾ Interests ▾

While I like to stay updated on the latest trends in fusion and deep learning, I also find immense joy reading works crafted by authors like Tolkien and Frank Herbert. My leisure activities include gardening, backpacking, reading, kayaking, and chess. Curiosity is a fundamental belief that drives me, inspiring my interest in a wide array of subjects. Some of my ongoing personal projects include developing a deep learning model for audio processing, collaborating on a musical album with a friend, and engaging in autodidactic exploration of the world around me. Although I yearn for more time to indulge in woodworking, metalworking, linguistics, and fitness, I remain most eager to expand my knowledge and skills.

▾ Ethos ▾

I intend to do work that matters! By this, I don't mean to say that some work is not worth my time, for I believe that no job is beneath me. Likewise, I also recognize that not all work is for me, such as that of a medical doctor. Really, what I mean is that I intend to labor in my field of choice, and pray that my work betters those around me (coworkers, familiy, community, etc). I aim to live smarter, so the malicious around us might not find footing to exploit or misuse us. To this extent, I aim to deliberately practice my trade and embrace discomfort. But even above the ardor of my labor, I aim to honor that which I've been given.